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Outdoor mirrors can make small gardens appear bigger

A clever, well-placed mirror creates the illusion of space and doubles the impact of your planting Sometimes the simplest tricks are the best. At a house in Hammersmith with a courtyard just 16ft long, the impression when you look through the back doors is of a far bigger garden. It’s all down to …

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Remove Plastic from Your Garden to do Your Bit for the Planet — and Your Plants will Thrive, Too

There are plenty of switches you can make to help the environment and make your garden greener at the same time. What could be greener than gardening? Well, sadly, the story’s not that simple. Our beautiful flowers often come by way of chemicals and a lot of plastic — and a …

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5 Best Wheelbarrows for Your Garden

When working in an outdoor environment, there will come a time when heavy loads of garden waste need to be transported from site to site. Buckets, baskets and trugs are fine for hauling small quantities of detritus, but top of the tipping tree sits the wheelbarrow. Steeds with one to …

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